Telework and Telecommuting: The New Normal?

Since the advent of Covid-19, telecommuting has been in vogue. In fact, it’s the only fool – proof, safe way to provide professional services without the risk of infection. Some people love it. They can get out of bed, perhaps not have to change their pajamas, and be productive. Plus, over time, overhead for their employers will be dramatically reduced, as there will be little to no need for them to rent oftentimes large, expensive office space, pay for transportation and parking, and certain other perks that are only available when one attends work at the office (like, say, Happy Hour).
Others hate it, for a variety of reasons, both personal and professional. But, for now, many people are stuck with it while states and cities graduate from Tier One to Tier Two and onward under the CDC Guidelines.

Separate and apart from its effect on productivity and cost-savings, telecommuting creates risks and dangers that may not exist given a less interconnected paradigm, not the least of which are cyber intrusions, malicious hacks into meetings hosted by Zoom and other similar platforms, and of course, medical privacy, as regulated by HIPAA and HITECH.

This Webinar will discuss the pluses and minuses of a brave new virtual world. While many people eventually will return to work, others will find that there is no need to do so. Even some employers will happily buy-into the concept of telecommuting if productivity can remain consistent with a residual reduction in overhead and firm expenses.
CLE applied for in: CA, GA, NJ, NY and PA.