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Bart Gary’s 2020 Georgia Construction Law Handbook Available


Georgia Construction Law Handbook follows and unpacks new movement in this area of law as it develops. It is a guide to common construction law issues, such as regulatory matters and the collection of money using the mechanic’s lien law or the public works bond laws. A ready reference for attorneys and construction and design professionals, the Handbook analyzes construction law in Georgia, as set forth in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated and reported State and federal court decisions, and includes relevant legal forms.


Freeman Mathis & Gary is pleased to announce that Bart Gary’s Georgia Construction Law Handbook, 2020 edition is now available. The Georgia Construction Law Handbook, now in its eightth annual edition, is a guide to public and private construction law issues, including contract terms, regulatory matters, defective construction, payment and claims, the lien law and bonds. It is a ready reference for attorneys and all construction and design professionals and includes legal forms.

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